Q: How soon can I get in ?

A: A certain number of people will be involved in an accident that leaves their vehicle not drive able (severe damage, wheel off, radiator leaking etc.) If this is your situation we can get you in immediately. We leave space open on our appointment calendar to accommodate non-drivable vehicles. If your vehicle is drivable, please ask when our next appointment date is for drivable vehicles.
Q: What happens when my vehicle is towed in ?

A: Please contact your Insurance company to report the details of the accident. When we receive your vehicle, we will take pictures of the accident damage. Write our estimate and will call you with the preliminary estimate amount. After the inspection of Insurance representative our technicians will disassemble your vehicle in order to obtain a more accurate estimate.
Q: Do I need an appointment for an estimate ?

A: No appointment needed, just drop in anytime, Monday thru Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm weekdays and 8:30am to 1:00pm Saturday.
Q: How long do estimates take ?

A: Allow approximately 30 minutes for the estimate to be written. If there is a substantial amount of damage, or you have an unusual vehicle (such as a specialty sports car), it may take up to 60 minutes to inspect your vehicle and write the estimate.
Q: How do I get to your location ?

A: You can click here for a map to our shop.We are located at Seeduwa & Kandy.
Q: What are your working hours ?

A: Monday thru Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm weekdays and 8:30am to 1:00pm Saturday.
Q: What if I already have an insurance estimate ?

A: We work with all insurance companies. Bring us their estimate and we contact the insurance company for you if the estimate doesn't cover all the related damage.
Q: Do you charge for estimates ?

A: There's no charge for estimates at our shop, unless your vehicle is over 10 model years old. There may be a fee for mobile estimates. All fees are refundable when the work is completed by us.
Q:  Can you write an estimate over the phone ?

A: We would prefer to see your vehicle in order to write a complete visual estimate. Call us, it may be possible for you to e-mail a photo to us so we can write a preliminary estimate.
Q: Can you write an estimate on any vehicle ?

A: Our estimate databases accommodate most vehicles on the road. If you have, for example, a specialty sports car, collector/antique vehicle, etc. it may not be in our database.
Q: Do you have mobile estimates even if the car is drivable ?

A: Please talk to one of our estimators. We may be able to do this for a fee that is refundable when repairs are done. Also, we may be able to write a preliminary estimate from an e-mail picture. Please contact us for more details.
Q: Does my car need to be clean for an estimate ?

A: Ideally yes, but it isn't required. On hail damaged vehicles it helps considerably to have the car washed.
Q: Do we use only original manufacturer parts ?

A: We use O.E.M. parts (in some instances O.E.M. used parts are figured). We will use alternate parts if you request or approve them.
Q: Is my estimate final and binding ?

A: An estimate is only an estimate. Vehicles are designed (e.g. bumpers) to cover support systems, brackets, impact absorbers, steel reinforcements, intrusion bars, etc. in a manner that makes it impossible to see all the damage. We need to disassemble the damaged areas to be certain complete repairs are made. With this in mind, it is likely that there could be additional damage to repair, or additional parts ordered. Your insurance company is very aware of this. When they write an estimate they will advise you to take their estimate to a body shop and have the shop call them if additional damage is noticed.
Q: Who reports the accident to my insurance company ?

A: You need to provide details of the accident. Please contact your Insurance Agent, Insurance Company, Fleet Manager or Fleet Management Company. You also need to report the accident to the nearest Police Station according to the law.
Q: How does a total loss work ?

A: If the damage on your vehicle is extensive enough to declare it a "Total Loss", meaning the damage exceeds a percentage of value, you and your Insurance Company will calculate the value of your vehicle and settle the claim.
Q: Can you tow my car ?

A: We have recovery services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Free service for severely damaged vehicles. Contact our hot line for more details. Tel : + 94 11 522 3300
Q: When are you scheduling for ?

A: Our estimators can advise you when our next opening is. After writing the estimate, seeing the damage, or reviewing the Insurance Company's estimate we can advise you on approximately how long the repairs will take. We will try to get you booked as soon as possible.
Q: Can I just schedule an appointment and drop off my car, then have you write the estimate ?

A: Yes you can, however, the repair process will go faster if we can write the estimate in advance, pre-order your parts and have Insurance authorization in place.
Q: How long will repairs take ?

A: Generally its depend on the extent of the damage & availability of the parts in the market. Your estimator can advise you when the estimate is written, approximately how long it will take.
Q: Do you do rust repair ?

A: We can do rust repair, but there is no guarantee. Rust repair on the surface, (rusting where the surface is not distorted by rust pushing outward through the metal) is usually more cost-effective. Many times, the cost of rust repair is too great to recover when you sell your vehicle later, and it becomes a more sensible choice to purchase a new vehicle instead.
Q: Do we have trouble with pearl finishes ?

A: We can match pearl finishes and other 3-stage paint systems.
Q: What is your warranty ?

A: We offer a Nationwide written 12 month warranty on workmanship and as long as you own your vehicle on paint. Parts and sublet repairs are warranted by the manufacturer or provider. No warranty on rust.
Q: What is the aftercare procedure for freshly painted vehicles ?

A: It is okay to wash your vehicle any time you like. We will have already washed your vehicle when you pick it up. We do not recommend using brush type car washes. Please wait 60 days before waxing your newly painted surfaces.
Q: Who do I pay my deductible to ?

A: When your vehicle is ready to be picked up, the deductible is paid to Melsta Logistics (Pvt) Ltd.
Q: What methods of payment are acceptable ?

A: Insurance checks made payable to Melsta Logistics (Pvt) Ltd or cash.
Q: Can we deliver your car ?

A: Yes. We can deliver the car to your door step after the repair. (Conditions Apply).
Q: Who do I pay my deductible to ?

A: When your vehicle is ready to be picked up, the deductible is paid to Melsta Logistics (Pvt) Ltd.